BME to Support the Future at NAS Whidbey

The Korte Company has provided BME with a Notice of Intent to Award on the P-251(A) and P-251(B) projects at NAS Whidbey.

The P-251(A) project will construct a 100,000 square foot flight simulator for the P-8 aircraft. This fast-track project is slated for completion late in 2015. BME will support Korte on the project with medium-voltage distribution, switch-gear, telecommunications and fire alarm systems, lightning protection systems, and emergency generators systems. BME is currently working closely with the Korte design team to streamline the design process and ensure build-ability.

The P-251(B) project will renovate Hangar 6 at NAS Whidbey and provide extensions to the hangar to accommodate the high tail of the P-8. The project will take approximately 3 years to complete. Careful phasing will be required to maintain the current P-3 squadrons in other areas of the building during construction. BME will provide AFFF pre-action alarm systems, fire alarm and telecommunications, electrical distribution, lighting, lightning protection systems, and emergency generator systems.

P-251 Projects